Level 4
Haven't tried Spyshelter in some time but in the older versions there was a button to disable the firewall. (Backup pc before any experiment)
On second thought what would be the difference in the test when used the spyshelter version without the firewall? (Can't answer that sorry)

I just wanted to write why not just use a optical chip tan generator, when wikipedia told me only two countries use it :D

A ChipTAN generator is not tied to a particular account; instead, the user must insert their bank card during use. The TAN generated is specific to the bank card as well as to the current transaction details. There are two variants: In the older variant, the transaction details (at least amount and account number) must be entered manually. In the modern variant, the user enters the transaction online, then the TAN generator reads the transaction details via a flickering barcode on the computer screen (using photodetectors). It then shows the transaction details on its own screen to the user for confirmation before generating the TAN.
As it is independent hardware, coupled only by a simple communication channel, the TAN generator is not susceptible to attack from the user's computer. Even if the computer is subverted by a Trojan, or if a man-in-the-middle attack occurs, the TAN generated is only valid for the transaction confirmed by the user on the screen of the TAN generator, therefore modifying a transaction retroactively would cause the TAN to be invalid.

This.... All of this, is way above my pay grade.