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Sep 12, 2017

I recently upgraded to Windows 10. After a failed upgrade from Windows 7 I had to do a clean install. This meant reinstalling old software (Adobe CS5.5 Suite) that is no longer supported by Adobe. Thankfully after installing I was able to connect to the Adobe servers and download the last updates. Adobe seems to be deleting updates for outdated software and I don’t think that in the future I will be able to download those same updates again. I intend on using this software for as long as I possibly can. Is there any way of backing up these updates so I can access them in the future if I need to reinstall the software again?

I previously used Windows 7 backup utility and have been researching backup software and different types of backups. After making myself confused I just downloaded AOMEI as it seems simple to use. Does this software offer anything that will help me with the above issue?


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Sep 23, 2019
I used to use the Windows 7 Backup and Restore function on Windows 10 but encountered some problems with it recently. I switched to Macrium Reflect Free and I am liking it. Please see my comments on the matter. I also link to the tutorial I used for Macrium Reflect in that post.

Since you've already clean installed the OS and installed your programs, I'd make a full system image backup. Restoring from a full system image backup will keep your OS, installed program files/settings, and personal files exactly the way it was when you made the system image. I make it a habit to make a full system image backup before every Patch Tuesday just in case I encounter an error when installing Windows Updates.


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Sep 28, 2011
I am using both of them Macrium free and Aomei free.And i have 4 different backup images made with every program. (clean and fresh Windows image,after Windows updates and all my software installed image,after CFW install image and after installing the KSC Free.)This way i can pick up very easily an image to restore and in case one of them fails me i have the image made with the other program.And i have these 8 images on 3 different external hard drives.I know seems a little bit paranoic but better to be carefull and prepaired for anything.
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My procedure : Clean Install + Windows Update right away > 1st System Image > hardware drivers installation > 2nd System Image > implementation of SUA and various options, settings, OS tweaks > 3rd system image > install of mandatory software > 4th system image > install non-mandatory apps > final system Image.

With this it doesn't matter what disaster i'm victim.