Baidu Antivírus vs Qihoo 360 Total Security

  • Baidu Antivírus

    Votes: 2 7.1%
  • Qihoo 360 Total Security

    Votes: 26 92.9%
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~Hello Community!

I'd like to hear the opinions of you about these products! :D
Suggestions and questions are always welcome!
Two products of Chinese origin, who has been high lighting each day!
I analyzed comments that both products will receive Firewall in 2015

Baidu Antivírus 5 (2015) vs Qihoo 360 Total Security 6 (2015)

Baidu Antivírus Support:


Qihoo 360 Total Security Support:


Thank you! :D:p
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Is Baidu built from the original EN version of Kingsoft Antivirus? Or was the EN version of Baidu coded from scratch?

Thanks for the help.

By the way, your Poll allows for more than one vote, you may want to change that.

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  • Resource Usage (eg: CPU, RAM) - in my test they both are pretty the same
  • Real World System Impact - about the same
  • User Friendliness - both
  • User Interface - everyone has their own taste but both are beautiful
  • Level of Protection and Features (eg: Antivirus , Firewall, Behavior Blocker) - Qihoo 360 is better in protection but Baidu has more Features
  • Overall Winner - My suggestion would be Qihoo 360
If you wont you can check my video test of Baidu/360 IS @Youtube (Link is in the signature) :)


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The only thing I can compare with these products are engines that licensed.

Qihoo Total Security = Own Engine + Bitdefender + Avira
Baidu Antivirus = Own Engine + Avira

Minimal difference when it comes to detection therefore Qihoo gets the lead, however also same when it comes on the features which normally can be used but seldom for most.

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I think what we appreciate in a antivirus is protection. That win Qihoo .

If also brings added , makes it more functional, better program, but no better antivirus .

I've been using Qihoo for over a year and appreciate more and more functions bring, but I am clear that I do not care how many developments have, if I fail protection , i don´t want use it.

So I never had long to Badiu , Kingsoft , Avast ... I seek protection , and from that point I evaluate the quality .

Good day to all

I sorry the translation , today is one of those days when my three translators not match each other


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Qihoo has the edge, but Baidu is on the rise... I think Baidu still is a bit "untrustworthy", in comparison, but I'm sure both do their job in anti-virus/malware protection.


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I think Qihoo has a stronger Cloud engine then Baidu? Just from the cloud engine alone, not including the fact that qihoo has an additional engine, I think that Qihoo's cloud engines have shown to be stronger in both detecting the threat during the scan and also using heuristics. This is just the trend I've been noticing in the virus exchange side of the forum. I'm not saying that Baidu is bad, it's actually quite good and catching up with Qihoo, just that it's not quite there yet.


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Voted for Qihoo 360 its a different beast than Baidu
stick Qihoo 360 with Commodo firewall and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware pro on a pc along with a good image backup,
and you good, bring on the malware,


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So far @minegroasprilla the performance of both are narrowing same without changing its rankings.

Baidu from recent version AFAIK they remove Avira engine unless I'm wrong.

Still sometimes multi engine may have an edge but not much cause the rule itself must pertain to take advantage by in-house engine.