Baltimore students told to ditch Windows PCs after ransomware attack


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Mar 16, 2019
Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) urged students and staff to stop using their school-issued Windows computers and only use Chromebooks and Google accounts following a ransomware attack that hit the district's network last Wednesday.

The ransomware attack forced BCPS to shut down most of its network due to the large number of systems impacted during the incident.

The Baltimore County school district is in charge of all public schools in Baltimore County, Maryland, and it is the 25th largest U.S. school system.

Students urged to stay away from Windows PCs​

"We now know that BCPS-issued Chromebooks were not impacted by the cyberattack," an update on BCPS' website says.

"You may now safely use: BCPS-issued Chromebooks and BCPS Google accounts for students and staff. Please do not use BCPS-issued Windows-based devices until further notice."

District-issued Chromebooks were likely........
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Sep 13, 2018
Baltimore City/County is no stranger to these attacks. The irony, the schools get hit multiple times but they don't learn their lessons. Apparently, the District chief of staff can't even spell "ransomware" correctly. :rolleyes:


I hope all those Windows devices don't end up in some landfill. Things are filthy enough in the Inner City. I used to live here.