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Here's one for those who want the highest resolution displays on phones (see link).

The fact is.. fixed 1080p hardware saves more battery than lowering the resolution of a 1440p panel.
The test results match our prediction that a phone with a lower resolution display will consume less power than a high-resolution one. Furthermore, there’s a bigger power saving to be had using a lower resolution screen than from simply lowering the resolution in software. This is the case regardless of how you’re using the phone, although there is an interesting exception to this rule.

When 3D graphics are involved, GPU power draw becomes the dominant factor in energy consumption, diminishing the effect of powering a pixel-dense display.
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There are lots of other factors involved also, like if a display is older even if its of low resolution it may use more battery. There are also different technologies like OLED, AMOLED, LED etc, and on top of that there are different manufacturers whose products may have different power requirements.
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