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What AV have an OFFLINE behavior blocker and which one out of these is the best for you? Why?
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The only classic offline behaviour blockers that come to my mind are G Data, Emsisoft, Kaspersky and AVG (most other AV have some kind of online behaviour analysis), in terms of protection I would assume that Emsisoft provides the best behaviour blocker for home consumers since it provides the most specific settings and is an integral part of their software and not just a tacked on piece of bought software like AVG did.


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BB today should have a reference base like from Emsisoft through cloud reputation; but unlike Bitdefender, GData and few others are capable to distinguish very well as a part of accurate suspicious behaviour when traditional ones are bypassed.

So overall Emsisoft came on that case.
I have tried dozens of security system till 2008, if price is not the matter you can opt for Norton 360 for behavioral issues and if you need both HIPS and behavioral protection, you can opt for COMODO Internet Security (free, or with worth $500 of risk coverage on malware attack)