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"Why did you open this topic ? We have a lot of this kind of threads pfff :D
Anyway, I am using SumatraPDF because I need only viewing!

Because, when I went to save a Adobe PDF Forms/Document/File after spending a couple
of hours completing the form out. Attaching the file and sending it to my other E-mail Address.
It would NOT be fill-out.:( 2 hours, 4 times add up to a lot of time. This is why decided to open
this thread. Hopefully, to find an answer to why the form was blank?:confused: After completing the
Adobe PDF Forms/Document/File out. So, keep your answers coming to this thread.

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Use Iceni. As far as I know, you could edit the text very much alike with MS Word. And, about form-filling, just visit their website, can't give all the details.
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