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The mentioned above are very capable to detect threats that an AV might missed as long you don't need another realtime protecfion because you use security suite.


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Thank you....Which Internet Security is best in terms of Perfomance and Protection?..
You will get about 15 different answers to your question.Protection wise there are many good choices both free and paid but no software is 100% as operator error,if you will,factors into that equation.Performance well that varies also on the users machine.


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I would say MalwareBytes Anti-Malware is a good tool to run with an AV, though not at the same time as it may have adverse effects on your PC.I would also point to HitMan as a good second opinion scanner.Check if your AV already has an Anti-Malware program and enable it, do not run 2 security suites at the same time.Especially not MBAM as it tends to use all the CPU for it's real time protection if you have a slow computer.

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I also agree with those that said Emsisoft Emergency Kit (EEK). I have that program along with MBAM and Hitman Pro but EEK is my favorite.


which is the Best Anti-Malware scanner along with KIS 2015?

Free options...MBAM and EEK.

But with KIS, and reasonable surf/download habits, I do not think you will ever have much practical need of them... :D

Additional on-demand scanner more there for your peace of mind /re-assurance than anything else.
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