Best antivirus solution w11


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Jan 26, 2020
I personally love BitDefender Total Security and installed in my system. It's easy to use but also advanced for experienced users. In my idea, it's better than ESET, as Eset was causing internet problem in my system recently.

Can confirm this happended on my system back when I used ESET.
I won't use Eset products anymore at all.


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May 7, 2018
I'll echo what others have be very honest, there is no such thing as a perfect AV/suite. Every single solution has it's pro's and con's, some of which can vary from person to person, as everyone's computer/setup is different.

Personally I just use WD as it has overall very good protection, is simple and most importantly it just works. You can either tweak it for more protection manually, or use 3rd apps such as Configure Defender to make the changes easier. In saying that, the one area where WD can very from person to person is the overall performance impact on the system. Some find WD heavy, some find it light. In my experience I haven't had any issues with performance and don't even notice it at all...however, others have had issues. Hence why it is so important to actually try out each product for yourself. Every vendor has a trial period...I personally believe you should try out the ones you are interested in (give them a go for few weeks to get a true sense of how it works/performs on your system) and go from there. Do not solely choose a product which gets the most "votes/mentions."

I have also used Eset, Emsisoft and Bitdefender in the past with great results and without many issues. As you can see from the various responses you have gotten, there are various opinions on these products, which highlights what I have said above regarding differing personal experiences. While these A vs B thread can offer some insight, you still need to try them for yourself and use the one that you like the most. At the end of the day it is your system and your money, not you have to be one that is happy. In case you were wondering, I switched to using WD and the built in security features within Windows, over 3rd party products for more simplicity, not because I had a terrible experience.

As I already stated above, no product is perfect and in fact every single AV/suite will miss malware at one point, or another. It is why I don't recommend getting too caught up in the "which one protects the most" hype as they all fail at one point, or another. It is why that no matter which product you decide to use, it is still extremely important to use common sense and practice good computing hygiene. Simple things like not opening emails/attachments you don't know, clicking on ADs, ensuring you have proper back ups of your personal data, etc... is really your best defence IMHO. Someone mentioned that you cannot rely on common sense because legitimate sites and such can be compromised....while true to a degree, I still would argue that using common sense and practising good computing habits will still have a significant impact on improving your overall security, then completely ignoring it and relying solely on a piece of software to keep you safe.

Make a list of which products interest you and try them really is the only why for you to choose what works best for you!
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