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Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had an opinion about which bandwidth monitor to use.

A few options I was considering were: NetLimiter, NetMeter, NetWorx, DU Meter, DU Super Controller.


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I used networx and it worked good for counting bandwidth, i would recommend giving it a try.


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White Nobster said:
I have used both NetMeter and Networx and would recommend either one
Same here

Only thing with Networx is that it can be tweaked more than NetMeter and u can see the network connections + Host Names


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Do NOT try Cucusoft Netguard. I installed it, it didn't work, so I uninstalled it, and it left a zombie process on my machine - C:\Program Files\Cucusoft\NetGuard\SysMsgProxySrvc.sys, and entries throughout the registry - startup, services, everywhere. Because it is tied into my network stack I am now concerned that force-removing it will cause problems somewhere. There was another that installed a filter into every network connection on my machine. When I uninstalled the software, every connection died.

Just a word of warning. I've posted requesting assistance for removing Cucusoft over on this post

I'd be immensly grateful for any suggestions.


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I am using DUMeter for (i think) 3-4 years now. Even now with flat optic cable internet (where i dont have a lot of use for this program) it seems i can not get rid of this awesome tool :).