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If you are a home user (i.e., you are not on a big network where you have no control over the other computers), then use any good default/deny solution, and it will protect you from ransomware and everything else.
MT favorites are: Voodooshield, and Comodo Firewall with @cruelsister settings.
Both are good.

There are standalone apps specifically for ransomware protection, but they are less effective.


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Best combination of tools for free protection from ransomware?
Don't install ransomware.

As with any other advice, practice safe web browsing habits.
  • Do not open unknown emails, chat messages or follow links.
  • Do not download suspicious software.
  • Do not use warez, cracks or keygens.
  • Always update your software and OS.
  • Keep and make regular backups of your data files.
And/Or browse in a Sandbox (Isolation/Containment).
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Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware against Ransomware for free.
or VoodoShield free on Smart mode, and don't allow things you don't know what is.
Paid: Kaspersky Internet Security, Emsisoft Anti-Malware, Bitdefender Internet Security, FSecure SAFE.

Combining KAR with any of your AV choice is good too.


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Good Sense of Navigation + Windows Updated + software antívirus or Windows Defender with Voodoo Shield + Firewall enabled (Third-party or no), I recommend reforced protection router.
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