UGet vs Xtreme Download Manager

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List of apps to compare
UGet vs Xtreme Download Manager
What I am most interested about
Graphical User Interface
Exclusive Features & Functionality
Why I want to compare these apps
Best for speed, able to download torrents maybe, and downloading videos on websites.


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What do you think runs the best and has the best speeds? UGet or Xtreme Download Manager? It is for Windows, Both of them look pretty good.
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Based on raw speeds, it should be EagleGet. IDM is comparatively slower but faster than XDM. I could upload a video testing 10 download managers that I had done 3 months back.

Based on consistency for downloaded files, XDM followed by IDM and then EagleGet
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In Windows, my choice is Free Download Manager (download also torrent files) and in Linux Xtreme Download Manager. As I often use both systems and I don't like having a lot of extensions, I currently use in both systems Xtreme Download Manager.

PRO: It is really light and simple and is, in my opinion, the best tool for capturing and downloading videos.

CON: sometimes it's annoying because of its large download capacity, continually asking if it downloads any content from the page you're visiting.

So, yes, my vote goes to XDM