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Hi, now i've installed Avast Free + Windows Firewall + Malwarebytes Free (on demand). Can you suggest me the Best free combo at the moment?

I'm thinking something around: Kaspersky Free AV + Comodo Free Firewall + Malwarebytes Free (on demand) + VodooShied Free... But i'm not sure about this.

I ask the experts for help!


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NVT Syshardener, Avast free ( hardened / agressive mode) and comodo firewall with cruelsisters settings, or Kaspersky free with comodo. Be sure to install comodo firewall first than Kaspersky and ignore the incompatible software ( comodo firewall) found message.


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I'd have to say either Kaspersky free AV or free security cloud and Comodo Firewall at CS settings or.. a Tweaked Windows defender, Windows firewall control or similar and hard configurator by Andy Ful. and perhaps a standard user account.