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Big changes in favorites here lately:

1. Browser-Firefox. Is this v69 completely blazing for anyone else? I am using the portable, and it's awesome. I also found a way to run Avast Secure Browser as a portable, so it's a close second, but Mozilla doesn't bring privacy concerns. Google's presence in everything is wearing me out, even though I was content with it until recently.
2. Partitioning manager-Active@ partitioning software. I just like this software.
3. eBook/pdf reader-Free PC Kindle reader. Superb for managing and reading pdfs and ebooks
4. Evernote is free so I wish there was a category (maybe "Information clipper" or something), and it seems fair to at least make mention of the extension for Chrome, Firefox, and the rest. The extension is seamless and makes fast work of clipping. This is still a great application, although there may be a few tiny details that could be improved (color choice for highlighting instead of only one color). Just started using E-note, and highly recommend it for clipping articles and pieces of articles, pictures. Awesome.
5. Program launcher-Give me the simple truth and give me Binsoft Run! Awesome, and it's always there.
6. Disk cleaner-Wise disk cleaner free. Runs easily on a schedule. Doesn't secure delete, so I run CCleaner on boot and Wise on schedule. Then I clean the free space every once in awhile with CCleaner.
7. Anti-virus-Kaspersky Security Cloud. This is off the charts great. Only problem is it can't stand Comodo Firewall. If anyone knows the exclusions for them to work together, please let me know. I do miss Comodo auto-sandbox a little bit, but at least Sandboxie pro is free now.
8. Operating System-Let's go. Just got started on Linux. Don't know about the others, but I can say Manjaro is far better than Windows imo...right out of the box spyware free and blazing. Just a few things to do to get it installed and going, all in all about 2 hours for me not knowing anything. With Firefox open with 8-10 multiple tabs, the entire system is using less than 1 GB of RAM. Processor is plastered on 0-1% usage during all idle times. OK :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:. Yes, ditch Windows and Chrome OS on a box and at give Linux a look. It has really arrived imo. Manjaro is rolling updates like Windows, so I recommend it, but others will say start with one that updates annually or semi-annually. Great fun getting started, so I think I may be in for keeps. Seriously, no hitches anywhere.

Hey @jackuars, hope you are getting along well and thanks for a great thread here and for the work you put into trying so much software.