Which do you use?

  • KeePass

    Votes: 55 47.8%
  • Sticky Password

    Votes: 32 27.8%
  • Other (Please specify in post)

    Votes: 28 24.3%
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Most interested about
Ease of use
Design of UI


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Which free offline password manager would you prefer (without cloud)?

I already use sticky password premium. Sticky password has improved its windows extensions with new graphical identifier for input fields. This has made it very easy to use and autofill works for all sites now.

But i want to know if KeePass is better, being a open-source & free. Does it's autofill works with every site?

Please share & help me decide.


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It looks like you want to use them for online form-filling. I would use neither of them, KeePass does not have good browser integration it relies on external add-ons and opens one port just for form filling.It is good for offline secure storage.Sticky Password free is good but does not offer anything extra other than the passwords(for my use).If you are using Sticky password it is good for onlline auto-logins.


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If it is for offline purposes, both are decent, each offering nearly same features via different means. KeePass is more for offline storage while sticky tends to be used more online.
There is not clear winning on this one. try both and see which one you prefer.


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Sticky Password have sync ability to have copy of your sensitive informations

Meanwhile Keepass does not has any sync ability.

Overall, they have good security implementation of having passwords provided by user to PM is safe at all; any alternatives can do as long its been totally active in development to avoid vulnerabilities.


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@Morvotron: Password Manager will be always an optional choice, sometimes if you are engaged a lot of login details then you need to store them securely. ;)

By the way, what type of encryption does this kind of software use to protect the passwords? I mean, is it secure enough to use to protect say VeraCrypt password?

Because if I use VeraCrypt with such an encryption algorithm, and i deposit my password on a easier crackeable software, I'm lost :confused:


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i'm testing sticky password premium and I think is very handful because you can create a portable copy of sticky password and put it in a usb drive. The browser integration works well in opera the only thing that i miss from the other password manager is a password rating integrated in the software

Axelrod Sven

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I have been using Sticky password. I have used LastPass (I moved away because of the LogMeIn acquisition). I have used Dashlane (The best of all Password Managers), 1Password (Didn't like the fact we had to pay for a newer version number).

Sticky Password - If your WIFI has strong encryption, you can safely transfer passwords over WIFI without using their Cloud, to your various devices. Autofill works for all websites - it's almost like it's an Artificial Intelligence based. Even in the "Change Password" option, it opens the Password Generator dialog-box for your convenience. And when you create one, it fills the "Enter New Password" and "Confirm New Password" boxes. So far, I had only one complaint about Sticky Password - They have only the "Send an OTP to your registered/alternate email" to log in to your devices as a 2Factor. They have no expected release timeline for Google Authenticator.


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I think the security of this method is Zero!
For example: No defense against keyloggers because you always type them.
One will only have issues with keyloggers if the system is infected. If it is not infected, writing down the password is actually no security risk at all.


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The most important feature is the "secure desktop". Only keepass and 1password have this feature. Password manager without "secure desktop" is not even mentionable. "Virtual Keyboard" is pain in the ass when I want to type my 18 length password and also less secure then "secure desktop".
What is the secure desktop feature?


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Used to use Keepass free. But after 2-3 months usage, felt it was quite a hassle. Hence quitted it.

Currently my effective password manager is non other than my brain, a pen and a paper scribbling down encrypted passwords that uses Excel to decrypt it (in case i forgot) :D


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Went with other. Roboform local(version 7). Is very stable, very configurable, auto-fill works with all sites I use, and as for cloud storage of my sensitive passwords..no thank you. I know they are encrypted on their end, but nope.