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Jun 24, 2016


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Jan 8, 2011
Saying PureVPN is junk because they helped to identify criminal who also violated their ToS is just stupid.
Imagine yourself or a member of your family as a victim of cyberstalking and tell me if your opinion will be the same then?
Always use a VPN legally and you'll have no problems.

Scumbags who use a VPN for Criminal / Illegal activities should be arrested! They are already abusing the Terms of Services/Use, so please handover the Logs/Details to appropriate law enforcement, so they can be punished for their crimes.


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Jun 6, 2017
I only have experience with two VPNs- Windscribe and F-Secure Freedome. They both work really nicely.

Windscribe Pro has lots of nice features but I have found Freedome to be marginally quicker in my tests. For normal browsing and YouTube watching I don't notice any slowdowns with these VPNS at all though. I forget they are turned on.

From what I have read elsewhere, the performance of any particular VPN can depend on where you live. If you happen to be along way from their servers you might experience slower speeds than someone who lives closer by. The two I have listed work well in the UK.

Winscribe and Freedome both say that they dont retain logs. But I wouldn't worry about which VPNs keep logs and which don't. If a governemnt reallly wants to track you then I'm sure they can- whether you use a VPN or not. But they would only bother to do this if you are a serious criminal- they aren't interested in whether you download pirated films or look at adult porn !!
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