Your Favourite Web Browser ?

  • Internet Explorer

    Votes: 5 3.1%
  • Google Chrome

    Votes: 57 35.6%
  • Mozilla Firefox

    Votes: 52 32.5%
  • 360 Browser

    Votes: 2 1.3%
  • Baidu Spark Browser

    Votes: 2 1.3%
  • Avant

    Votes: 1 0.6%
  • Maxthon

    Votes: 1 0.6%
  • Torch

    Votes: 1 0.6%
  • Opera

    Votes: 15 9.4%
  • Others

    Votes: 24 15.0%
  • Total voters
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Please Share Your Choice.
My Favourite Web Browser is now a days: Baidu Spark

* It uses Google Chrome Engine (as same as 360 Browser) and also has Builtin Downloader, Video Downloader and Video Poup-up Player, Torrent Software and we can also download Extensions/addon/apps from Google App Store...

My Previous Favourite Web Browsers were:

Google Chrome (Few Month Ago)
* Mozilla Firefox (Before 1 year)
* Internet Explorer (Before 8-10 years ago approx.)
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I'm currently using Midori and Firefox in elementaryOS. I use firefox in windows but I plan to use Cyberfox.;)
I hate Google chrome because : GOOGLE => google use your data to make money for them:eek:o_O:confused::mad::(.... I don't like google.... I use duckduckgo + Openmailbox+Framasoft's web services;):);) !!!! I protect my private life !:p

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Currently running Comodo Chromodo.

But waiting for Vivaldi final release.


If you want speed maxthon nitro , like its clean and sleak look! ;)


@TheSuperGeek Don't forget hardware-based spyware. ;)

Currently Google Chrome is my choice because:
  • It just works :D
  • Best developer tools (useful for web developers)
  • Addons/Extensions
  • Account and sync features
  • Rewards (for researchers)
  • Good security features
I don't forget !! I use ESET Smart Security + Crystal in 2nd line+ Cyberghost !

I don't like chrome. I use firefox !!! With ublock noscript WebIDE Lastpass and Https anywere !
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