Q&A Better User Interface - SpyShelter Firewall or NVT ERP ?

Better User Interface - SpyShelter Firewall or NVT ERP ?

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Which security application has better user interface ?

  • SpyShelter Firewall

  • NoVirusThanks Exe Radar Pro

Please explain why one is better than the other...

The purpose of comparing the two is think about which one offers better ease of use, easy for new user to figure out, provides relevant infos that are connected and clear, can easily access important functionality, fast\clear navigation, etc.

Purpose is not to compare functionality.
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  • Active Process real-time list shows user Process, Path and Command Line; it is clear how each is linked for each process.
  • Right-Click gives user immediate access to all needed functionality\actions from within Active Process and all other lists.
  • Tabs - ease of navigation.
  • Very convenient layout that is easy to learn and use.
  • Easy to implement wild cards by double-clicking line item in command line lists (* = any string of characters & ? = a single character).


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Mar 23, 2015
First, I think it may not be proper to compare these two products, as they are designed for different purpose...

When we talk about "user interface", many people may just consider the main window of that software.

In my opinion, this is not correct. User interface contains all the modules that can communicate with the user. Particularly, I think pop-up window is an important part of the user interface of security softwares. We all know why.;)

Therefore, I think the user interface of Spyshelter should be better. In its pop-up, it provides more information to help users to make our decision.

By contrast, ERP gives less information. This becomes a problem when it pops up a window for the vulnerable processes. Somtimes I do not know whether it is safe to click "Allow". You want to look it up online for some help? Impossible! ERP will block any other processes, of course including browsers, when it is waiting for your decision.

Even when we only consider the main window, ERP is not good enough.

For example, in "whitelist -> file location", if you want to whitelist an entire folder, you have to type it manually. I do not think it is very difficult to implement a directory dialog here, but there is no such thing in ERP.

The settings button of EPR is in the file menu. Such a UI design has not caused any problem, but it is old fashion.


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Jun 20, 2011
I fully agree with the statement Online_Sword, because each of these programs, what else is and if it comes to the interface is more for a beginner it is SpyShelter.
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Mar 15, 2011
Well for user interface both have no problem to access and tweak.

The only concern here is their ability and how should be 'user friendly' instead, the appearance were simple and straightforward since their main purpose as should maintain its fine tune behaviour from actions when detected not on the ruleset.


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Oct 20, 2014
I feel No Virus Thanks is easier on eyes... and easy to access UI, just from looking. So I voted for that.

SpyShelter look about equal in functions also, just less appealing maybe?

Both look good to me, but I haven't tried either. So, I can't really say which is BETTER. Sorry.

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ERP here

Its interface is very easy to grab and use, and it allows lot of tweaking without digging in dozens of tabs.
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May 8, 2015
Well I'm a fan of options. Even if they are complicated. For that reason, I chose SpyShelter Firewall over NVT ERP. User friendly UI are boring for many advanced users...


Statistically a tie.

Carefully analyze SpyShelter Firewall process log and compare it to NVT ERP Active Process list.

NVT ERP infos are presented in a manner that is much more clear to user.

Of course, absolute novice will have challenge with either one, but I would bet they will learn NVT ERP much faster.

Just my opinion...


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Feb 10, 2012
Hard to compare both program because SpyShelter have modules which work like HIPS, ERP is anti-exe
HIPS control multi task and all actions taked by specific programs and his next partial process.. and SSFW have more better advanced white list so less alert user, can be importan for begginer.
Where ERP (anti-exe) just check this begin proces wanna launch rest is out of control.

And dont forgot SSFW have firewall, Encrypt keystores which work a lot better than stand alone alternative "KeyScrambler"
and once again other option "Sandbox" imo they should back to old name becasue this moduloe is not sandbox its just typical RSP which block acess speciic program to write in arena.

About "UI" both have good interface. but realy with out abouse...
Who the f.. you are to choice program by view/look than important security strenght o_O

You can use both program in once moment i used it whole 2 years and work great only on begin can be annoying to time when you create acess list in ERP.

You can downlad lates version ERP for free and buy SpyShelterFW so you wil dont overprice cost to secure system.

And at last I dont agre with lasthjlbx
SpyShelter popup alter is more frendly and process list tree in options if you have to search or look on something.

SpyShleter better if you have to chocie only one :)
HIPS>Anti-exe>Behavior blocker
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Who the f.. you are to choice program by view/look than important security strenght o_O


The above part of your reply is absolutely unnecessary; please do not be obnoxious on the forums.

The thread is to compare user-interfaces - not functionality.

SpyShelter Firewall and NVT ERP are different programs - so functionality can only be partially compared.
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