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A long-running scam email campaign that pretends to be an unsubscribe confirmation request has seen an uptick recently. These emails should never be clicked on or responded to as they are designed to harvest working email addresses or to perform some other type of scam.

Over the past week, BleepingComputer has seen a constant stream of emails with subjects like "Confirm your unsubscribe request" or "Client #980920318 To_STOP_Receiving These Emails From Us Hit reply And Let Us Know".
While this is an long-running email scam, this is the first time we encountered them, so we thought we should issue an alert.

Unlike normal unsubscribe notifications, these scam emails do not contain any indication of what you are unsubscribing from and simply state:
Please_confirm your Unsubscribe

To confirm your Unsubscribe, please click here or on the link below.
Unsubscribe me!

Thank you!
Furthermore, these emails come in a variety of templates, with some being more professional looking like the one below.