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Beyond Compare 3 is the ideal tool for comparing files and folders on your Windows system. Visualize changes in your code and carefully reconcile them.
  • Compare Files, Folders
    Beyond Compare allows you to quickly and easily compare your files and folders. By using simple, powerful commands you can focus on the differences you're interested in and ignore those you're not. You can then merge the changes, synchronize your files, and generate reports for your records.
  • Specialized Viewers
    Beyond Compare includes built-in comparison viewers for a variety of data types. Compare .csv data or HTML tables in a Data Compare session, or images in a Picture Compare session.
  • 3-way Merge
    Beyond Compare's new merge view allows you to combine changes from two versions of a file into a single output. Its intelligent approach allows you to quickly accept most changes while carefully examining conflicts.
  • Synchronize Folders
    Beyond Compare's intuitive Folder Sync interface lets you reconcile differences in your data automatically.

Change Log - Link.

* Archives
- Fixed crash when loading archives containing file paths of just '\' or '/'.
* Data Compare
- Fixed lines between grid rows being overdrawn by text rect.
* File Formats
- Fixed "Perl Scripts" handling of escape before apostrophe or quote in default text
* File Views
- Fixed codepage auto-detection defaulting to UTF-8 instead of ANSI if a better match isn't available.
* Folder Compare
- Added support for setting timestamps of symbolic links/reparse points.
- Fixed crash when using "Up One Level on Both Sides" and the current base folders are filtered out in the parent comparison.
- Fixed using "Move to Other Side" to overwrite a file in a subfolder when flattened.
- Fixed "Move to Folder" moving excluded items within selected folders.
- Fixed parsing Charon VAX 5.4.2 FTP listings.
- Fixed crash when adding '//' to the end of an FTP path in a file view.
* Hex Compare
- Fixed setting "Bytes per line" to 1.
- Fixed crash on systems using a Far East system locale. Removed buggy support for showing double byte character sets in the ANSI column.
* Linux
- Fixed crash when closing or switching away from a Text Merge when the merge output is in a separate window.
* Misc
- Fixed activating a tab from a minimized window on Vista/Windows 7.
- Fixed toolbar dropdown button width on Windows 8.
* Picture Compare
- Fixed support for DIB, MSK, and RLE bitmap file alphablending.
* Registry Compare
- Fixed key coloring after swapping sides.
* Reports
- Fixed applying changes to display filter mode in setup dialog.
* Source Control
- Comparisons launched from PVCS no longer disable editing of files with titles in order to improve compatibility with later PVCS releases.
* Text Views
- Fixed delimited grammar item handling of escape character across multiple lines.

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