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What's new in version (26.02.2019)

  • New: The user interface was updated to follow the Malwarebytes theme.
  • New: A new Dashboard tab was added which displays the state of Windows Firewall,
the status of inbound and outbound connections and the connected Location.
- New: Multi language support was added in the Options tab. All available translation
files are extracted automatically to a subfolder named "lang". Switching the language
of the user interface is now easier.
- New: The user manual was migrated from .chm to an online .pdf file. It can be
opened by using the new question mark buttons from the user interface and also by
pressing the F1 key.
- Improved: When changing the profile in WFC, if the inbound connections are allowed,
which is a security risk, they will be set to be by default blocked. If they are
already set to be blocked or all blocked (through WFwAS) then their status will be
- Fixed: The profile reported in WFC might not be accurate on the first run if the
outbound filtering has different values for different locations.
- Fixed: Pressing on "Check this file" in Rules Panel or Connections Log when the
program path is empty generates an exception in WFC log.
- Fixed: The connected location displayed in WFC is displayed as 'VPN' instead of
'Public' when multiple network adapters are active.
- Fixed: Checking for updates is made through http instead of https.



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What's new in version (27.02.2019)

- Fixed: The installer can't continue if another security software is registered in
Windows Security Center with firewall capabilities.
  • Fixed: In some cases, the connected location is reported Public instead of Private.
  • Fixed: The uninstall process does not always remove all files.
  • Fixed: The tabs width in Main Panel has a fixed width which prevents the tab name to be displayed completely.
- Improved: If the PDF user manual is downloaded and placed in the same folder as
wfc.exe, when launching the user manual the local file will be opened instead of the
PDF file located on the web site.


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Hi anyone try this version yet? Can it be used as a standalone firewall?Thks
MWFC is not a firewall.
Windows Firewall Control is a powerful tool which extends the functionality of Windows Firewall and provides new extra features which makes Windows Firewall better. It runs in the system tray and allows the user to control the native firewall easily without having to waste time by navigating to the specific part of the firewall.
Windows Firewall Control doesn't do any packet filtering and does not block or allow any connection. This is done by Windows Firewall itself based on the existing firewall rules.


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Hi anyone try this version yet? Can it be used as a standalone firewall?Thks
WFC is not a standalone FW. It is a GUI for WF. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't use it, but there were reports of issues that the dev. was going to address, some of which were addressed in today's version. These most recent releases begin the integration process of WFC --> MWFC, i.e.. the MBAM look added to it.


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Some users report on Wilders problems installing new version. There have been reports of some other bugs. Some users are not having any serious problems. These are most likely due to the changes in the app due the transition from WFC --> MWFC. The dev is still the only person working on code for this app, even though Malwarebytes now owns the product.


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Profiles > Medium Filtering (by default, it was set to "Low Filtering".

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I left this out because Firewall rules have a learning curve, things like Syshardener can help block certain services, thanks for highlighting this aspect. I have this setting on the recommended bit. It's also up for other(s) to see which aspect they like.

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