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I wonder if anyone could give me more details about these threats detected by my BitDefender while browsing a Web page. Just remembering that I didn't execute anything. The malware was detected in the Safari cache, is it possible that this malware could feed on my processor to mine bitcoins? I would like to know how the malware behaves in the environment, and on more details, if possible. Thank you.

JS: Application. BitCoinMiner. WO

/Users/user/Library/Caches/ 11/Records/7292D4005E2C3756CCEF8488DE37F9A5A90C833F/Resource/F4DFB5AE29AC8C9513B8FF5A55FA34F8C4A22471-blob = > (INFECTED_JS)

Application. BitCoinMiner. UB

/Users/user/Library/Caches/ 11/BLOBs/BD61378A28572355F20C5B7E2D682DB18A033280


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The webpage runs a javascript code in browser enviroment is enough for it to use your CPU to mine coins. Some sites are kind to ask for your permission while most seems not.
How to stop sites from 'borrowing' your CPU to mine cryptocurrency
There are several topics in the forum and internet about "mining coin using javascript in browser" which you could do some further resarch..
Thank you for your quick reply,
But considering this malware referred to, it's making use of my CPU just as I find myself in the browser environment, right? Say if I empty the cache, reboot the computer, it will no longer be mined bitcoins, right?


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I believe so. Give it a try to confirm.
You may consider to use an adblocker with proper filter or an anti-miner extension on your browser to prevent the javascript from even having a chance to load into system.