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Hello All,

I was just going through different free security software options on these forums, and trying to choose 1 to install and try. Then I found this deal, so i think i will just buy it and use it right away (i need something right away) since its much cheaper than regular price :p (and doesn't require me figuring out how to use CFW right away, I can leisurely learn CFW features :p).

This deal is $24.98 CAD/USD or €19.43 depending on which currency you choose at BD Checkout.
I live in Canada, so CAD price is cheaper than USD/Euro for me (exchange rate).
For me, around $2 CAD/month for up to 5 devices, i think its a pretty hot deal ;):cool::D

The link:
Antivirus Special Offers, Norton, BitDefender, ESET , VIPRE, AVG

***NOTE***: When you go to above link, it says special discount price of $23.95 (48 hrs only it says) but when you go "buy" it shows a price that is a little bit higher for some reason o_O

***NOTE2***: Remember to TURN OFF Auto Renew before you complete check out !!
I left it turned on to see what the auto renew price would be, but it is just regular price NOT a discounted price. So I turned it off. See my new post below to see how I turned it off. Maybe theres a way in BitDefender Central, but I didn't find it. :confused:o_O

Software available:
Bitdefender Total Security Multi Device 2017 - 5 Devices - 1 Year ***Best Deal*** 5 Devices (incl Android)
Bitdefender Internet Security 2017 - 3 PC / 1 Year
Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017 - 3 PC / 1 Year

I will attach pictures to show the shopping cart and prices @ BitDefender's website (buy straight from BD)

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When you order it and pay for it, Automatic Renewal is turned on by default !!
Turn off Auto Renew before you go through the order.

I left it on at first, just to see what the renew price would be (was hoping maybe it would renew at the discounted price again maybe ?? :p:D But it does not, auto renew is set to regular price only :( lol)

To Turn Off Auto Renew (if you didn't turn it off at time of checkout)

I looked in BitDefender Central to see how to turn it off, couldn't find it o_O
I made account @ Avangate (Avangate secure.avangate.com/myaccount/) purchase provider
---> put in your email address, it sends you email to verify, click link in email to activate account, then login
under "My Products" it shows your BitDefender purchase
Click to remove autorenew
--> it shows pop up notification a few times asking if you REALLY want to turn off auto renew (and reason why, i chose that i prefer to manage automatic renewals myself), then shows a discounted price if you will just choose to keep auto-renew turned on (i clicked to turn off auto renew still).
the discounted price shown for me was $53.99
will attach image to show auto renew turned off and showing the discounted price, if i will agree to just enable auto renew...

After you turn off auto renew thru Avangate, they will send you email a little bit later to confirm that auto renew has been cancelled :)
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