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Be careful! Although it's a stable version, take into account the fact that it's just getting released. Beta testers may have not discovered all the bugs a new version implies. Just in case, create a system image right now before you download it and install it. Also take into account that testing it on a VM may not give the proper analysis as installing it on your host system.


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I can confirm that the 2019 version is out everywhere, except in Japan and some partner websites.

The only way to get the latest 2019 is by uninstalling the 2018 version and downloading a new installation kit trough Bitdefender Central. In the near future, the customers will receive an automatic update trough the already existing 2018 installation, that will prompt them to restart the computer for Bitdefender to apply the updates. The customer will then be greeted with the new 2019 version, and a small tour for the new interface.

To ensure the process goes smooth if you want the 2019 version, I would suggest using an uninstall tool from here before downloading the new update.

NOTE: If you have any wallets or vaults, export them before using the uninstall tool!
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Keep in mind that this is the first release, some bugs may be present here and there that will be eventually fixed.

Also I don't think that 700MB Ram is too much considering the fact that we live in a time where PCs have 64GB of RAM to be honest.

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i installed bitdefender 2019 version 90 days trial. i hate this new version a lot. first it takes above 400 mb of ram. i can't disable autopilot mode. i can't find an option in the gui to make an update. i hate the main interface. in my opinion it is very confusing and crowded. i like the new notifications. this my experience with the new version.


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The Autopilot is no longer the one that you knew in the past. Instead it shows you security recommendations based on your computer's usage an on what features you modified in Bitdefender.

An update can still be performed by right-cliking the tray icon and choosing 'Update now'
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