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Dima007, thank you for the link to this deal. Another Bitdefender deal (among many others) is a $5.00 per download sale for an assorted group of AV's at Newegg for BlackFriday. All are one year licenses. I know from personal experience that Webroot will convert each downloaded license into one extended license of any length. I still had 2 years on my Webroot subscription at this same time last year so I bought 5 Webroot downloads from Newegg for five bucks a piece, along with quite a few other AV's for five bucks a piece to give as Christmas presents. Webroot combined and extended my two year license with the 5 Iicenses I bought for $20 bucks, to a total 7 year license. You cannot beat that for a quality paid AV!

I'm not sure how many of the other companies Newegg has on sale right now that will do the same as Webroot. I believe Emsisoft did the same for me about 3 years back. You can always call customer service for any of the AV companies and ask. You've got nothing to lose. At the very least you have a 1 year license for $5.00 dollars and a varied assortment of quality security software product to choose from. If none of the companies will combine and extend the subscription you currently have, you can store each license away and renew when the old subscription expires. I verified that this will work fine as long as you don't enter a new license until the old one runs out. The licenses are only activated after you enter them into the product. They do not begin or have to be activated with 30 days after purchase or anything of the like. In fact I just activated the NOD32 license yesterday that I bought from Newegg last year on 11/28/2014. I bought 10 antivirus downloads for gifts last year for a total of $50 dollars, and my friends and family loved the gift. Here is the Newegg link:

Good luck and enjoy and thank you again, Dima007.