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Hello my friends...
Bitdefender free antivirus seems to be a little bit underestimated.
Many people complaining about the user interface so i designed a completely new one.
Please click on the image for better view....;)
I hope you like it as much as i do.....

Note: The taskbar and the wallpaper are just images i found online and i use them only for the presentation.

The pop up alert has been redesigned after some good suggestions i had from my friend here.
So here it is......enjoy ;)

NOTE: I used this glow color for the image to be more visible to the users who uses the MT Dark theme.
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I like the current interface for the actual main home UI, however I think I prefer your alert for when a threat is detected. :)

Good up the good work @MikeV, and thank you for sharing this with the community. You seem to make concepts frequently and you are becoming better and better all the time. ;)


Mike V, that's quite some talented digital design.

Makes me want to pay for a free product. :D


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thanks for making such nice UI, my small suggession is that can you make pop up alert when threat is detected, alert should include threat name with file location and User interaction to be involved with option like (1) quarantine (2) delete (3) disinfect (4) ignore (5) repair. (emsisoft, G data has very nice pop up alert with threat name, location and above options, i love emsisoft on demand scanner UI while you do right click scan or custom scan) can you introduce above this and post? if possible...thanks.

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I don't wanna say it is bad but, it is not what I love. I personally like how Crystal Security looks and the new alerts @Kardo Kristal did an amazing job :)
I must agree with you on that entirely. The work @Kardo Kristal has ben doing for the Crystal Security UI is getting better and better. I think he is doing an amazing job.

@MikeV I've seen some of your work in real products - for example, the Xvirus logo. I think it looks reaaly nice (and creative). Alongside this, I've seen other work of yours (concepts).

Maybe for this UI concept, what about having the red warning sign on the alert yellow? (since it has a PUP detection displayed). (OLD ALERT).

I personally think you are a lot better than designing logo's (currently), but there must be a reason for this. Practise makes perfect - do you try to design logo's/icon's more frequently than you attempt UI design (in general)? If so, maybe this is why.

To try to help you improve (I see improvements all-round every time you release new content) I will tell you what I (let's pretend I am a customer requiring a new UI for my product) would look for:

- Metro/Flat UI: since this is typically my favourite style for UI design.
- Easy-to-use/Clean interface: users should be able to navigate the UI at ease, without things seeming "cluttered".
- Nice layouts: a good layout should be high-prioritized - for example, where certain objects are placed.
- Good font type and sizes: I tend to like the Segoe family for fonts (Segoe UI is an example) since I think it looks nice if applied to the design correctly. The size of the font should be not too small or big - the text needs to be readable but not so readable it uses more space than the text should.
- Font color: make sure the text stays readable. Dark colours are liked quite often, but if the UI has a dark theme then light colors can be implemented just as easily. If the color on the text stands out too much (due to brightness) then there may be trouble looking at the design.
- Icons: icons are very important in making a UI look good. Without icons, it won't look as good. With bad icons, maybe there is no point to using them.

I am not saying you do not currently follow the above. Maybe you do/don't, but maybe it can help you? I am not sure.

You can't please everyone, but you're trying your best and doing well so far.

Regardless of all of the above, you are constantly improving and I wonder what the future brings.

Have you tried doing website design yet? As a request (if you're up-to it), could you try redesigning the ESET website?

Good job! :) Maybe you'd like to tackle a concept for ESET Smart Security, Avast Antivirus or Trend Micro Internet Security.

But seriously, you have GREAT potential. Keep up the really good work. I want to see some more logo's from you (if possible) because after seeing the new Xvirus logo you made awhile ago, I can definitely already see you were born an artist. :)

Cheers. ;)

UPDATE: The new Bitdefender alert you recently added... It looks so much better. I love it, good work! See - you have already improved your designing so much!
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Thank you guys for your helpful comments.
I will try to answer to few of your questions:

Every vendor has it's own style for building a UI.
AVG, Avast, Eset, Bitdefender etc.... has a specific style of design and believe me they don't want to change it.
It is the reason why you everytime see a design you say...''this looks like kaspersky'', ''this looks like Avast'' etc....
Me as an artist when i start designing a UI for example ''Bitdefender'' i need to follow the philosophy of the product and how it works and make some changes but not major.
I already designed something completely new for Avira & Private Firewall but Vendors prefers their own styles as the UI works more stable and better (according to what they answered me).
Even my dark theme for 360 Total security is ''pending'' because Qihoo team told me they will need time and improvements to add a dark theme.

So as you can see there are restrictions when you design for big names.

In case of Crystal security there is more freedom. Crystal security is a very good product with a lot of potential to hit the big market one day.
Until then the product is open to suggestions and possible changes. There is more room to talk and try different things even on design.

In other words ...the designer need to talk with the Vendor and find a middle way between what the designer and what the Vendor wants.
If i have the ''green light'' from the Vendor to design freely i will do miracles, otherwise i need to follow some restrictions in order to have a successful deal.


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yes i agree with you mike that its mostly depend upon vendor for UI change.
but see below link is for G data behaviour pop up alert with file name, its awasome as per me its too much pretty.

see below emsisoft virus alert pop up its shows file name & location path, threat name in pretty font.

see below link of emsisoft on demand scan UI its pretty and awasome.

i would encourage you to make bitdefender UI like above link, if you do, i will post your link in bitdefender forum saying that this is pretty UI of bitdefender made by mike and will ask their views.


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Mike i liked your below redesigned view of bitdefender, my views are you can remove note from below"this application "Sample.exe' can harm your computer & modify the "threats were found" by adding note like emsisoft below image. can you please help to redesign as per below emsisoft image and G data behvaviour image for bitdefender?

i liked you below resigned image thanks for this, but can you please update below image as per emsisoft and G data as shown above.


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one more thing mike, if you above emsisoft and G data image, they both used decent, simple and pretty white red combination which seems so much legible, like if you want to see abovefile location path in bitdefender then its black one which is not much legible clearly, its difficult to read out. if you use white red combination with statement like emsisosft and G data, it would be excellent. i would really appreciate your this effort.
thanks a lot mike for making redesigning bitdefender UI.


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mike, instead of word "repair" you can put "disinfect" becz bitdefender use word "disinfect" . you can redesign in both black red which you did and secondly white red which i requested you as per above. and all pop up alert should be visible for full time (should NOt be limited to 5-10 second) unless user click (select any actions like quarantine, disinfect, delete, allow). this is my request.


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Ok, so here are some changes. Keep in mind that every design has to be and look like ''bitdefender'' and not like other product.

Thanx to @kram7750 the icon of the alert has been changed.

Thanx to @hardik587 some red color and ''disinfection'' option has been added.

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yes thanks MIke for redesigning quickly really, appreciate your quick effort. this alert look good, but still not better.
suggestion in above alert
(1)suggestion: is that "you can remove X (cross red round symbol)" becz if you remove this then it will look more decent, sobar, becz others things shown in above is nice. kindly post by removing cross X symbol from above and post again image plz. (plz post one image after this suggestion)
(2)suggestion: header which is "bitdefender free antivirus" written is with red white combination, can you increase font of header "bitdefender free antivirus" and make header backgroud black & green also instead of red as shown above in your made bitdefender image? (plz post two (one with black background and second is with green background))
i will tell you which is best among three as per above suggestion.
(3) suggestion: is i have posted below real time detection of multiple threat, with threat name and scroll down button, if you click + symbol in threat name then it will show file name with its path location. if multiple threats are detected then above all recommended above options to available for all threat like quanatile/delete/disinfect/allow all.

thanks in advance. plz try if possible.


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one more thing, black background which you selected in your below alert image is best. becz its pure dark and look royal black. you can increase whiteness in below statement to look more legible. and increase font of header "Bitdefender Free Antivirus"


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ok, so i made some more changes. No other changes will be made because i feel that the design is start to lose it's ''bitdefenderish'' style

Please select which one of the pop up alerts (including previous) you like the most, in order to make my final presentation.