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It was...:confused:
I'm terribly sorry about this. Should have tested this before opening a new thread.
I just emailed my friend, and he insists that it worked for them last Saturday, 3rd January.
He also asked me to try with 2 other magazine names tagged at the end of the promo url : /#ct and /#chip
But no dice.
And emailed me his source (German language) with people according to him reporting that it still worked, on the 5th (yesterday).

Only Deutsch!
On top.

My bad. I'm going to ask to close this one then.

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if still valid no reason to delete it, we may have german users and proxies are available.


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Ah, OK then Umbra Polaris and RainmakerRaw.
Glad that it still works for some of us.
And now I understand what citizen nastavnikhe was getting at. I thought that he meant that it was only valid for the German version of the software. (This could still be so of course.)

BTW, I thought "Oh dear! What Now?" when I read the Alert in response to my report. "Unfortunately, your recent report was rejected:".

P.S. I forgot to mention that my friend confirms that the promo URL's ending in /#ct and /#chip instead of /#pcwelt also still give out licenses. I cannot check.

Replied instead of Edit. Apologies. Merge please if you can.
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Most every German web proxy and German proxy IP has been banned.However this is still valid and those members here from Germany should have no problem getting a license from the 3 active URL's for this promo.

If someone really needs one then you should have made or make the following 2 posts:

1 post should be here
1 post should be here

Then I will be glad to offer assistance


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Its not only for german you can install english one and can add the key no problem it works on english installers also.


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Not working!!!I tried it CyberGhost VPN and german IP address, an error message comes up when I step to request the code.
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Not working!!!I tried it CyberGhost VPN and german IP address, an error message comes up when I step to request the code.

As stated above they've blocked a ton of proxies and VPN IPs. However it definitely works for German users, and I managed to get two codes using German based VPN IPs where several other IPs in the block failed. So at the risk of repeating myself, it definitely works and I have the emails and codes to prove it. It may not work most times you try outside Germany but that doesn't mean it's not a valid offer. :)
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works perfectly here in germany ;) .. but i dont really need the key .. if someones interested .. just pm me


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Does this work for English as well or just german?
It really looks like you need a German IP. I have tried using different Online Proxies but I had no luck. As far as I know, if you are not from Germany then it's very hard to cheat the system :p