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According to the Changelog, the 3.0 version brings improvements in performance and redrawn lock page.

Bitdefender TrafficLight v3.0 is a free extension that intercepts, processes and filters all web traffic, blocking any malicious content and elevating browser security.

Superior protection against phishing and malware attacks
Never worry about suspicious websites again. TrafficLight analyzes and blocks websites that may contain malware and phishing.

The results of the safe search will keep you out of danger

With the Bitdefender trafficlight extension, you will always be informed about malware and fraudulent websites within your search results.

Identifies crawlers that generate reports about their browsing behavior

Some sites can track and analyze their browsing behavior. The Bitdefender trafficlight extension shows which pages intercept this type of code snippets that are included in the sites, and the list.

Source: Bitdefender TrafficLight v3.0 para Google Chrome


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I asked Support re "I understand the risks, take me there anyway".

>> Where are domains stored for "I understand the risks, take me there anyway" and how do I clear the domains stored there?
<< Thank you for contacting Bitdefender support.
<< There is no need to manually clear the domains as this is done automatically every 30 minutes.
<< Technical Support Engineer


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I use adguard :p

Anyway, people should learn to read an URL.
Honestly, to end up in a malicious site, either you look for it or you happy click on every ads you see.
This. When you have an adblocker you are not even going to see those ads that lead to malicious sites in the first place.

Also everyone should switch to Nano Adblocker. uBlock Origin has incompetent leadership full of big egos that block new ideas.
The other thing everyone needs to do in Firefox is NoScript but I like Chrome so this works too: Whitelist trusted TLDs to only have Javascript running on domains that you trust. Nothing shady embedded from some .ru or .cn domain.


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the old versions never scans the .exe links, it just checks the link after it is loaded => too late for .exe link, useless
this 3.0 version scans the link as soon as we click on it so it can block .exe link (y)
big thumbs up.
we all know BD have great database so it's a good addition

however, the problem with BDTL is it uses some CPU when checking the link, more noticeable than WDBP and Norton Safe Web but less than avira and malwarebytes because BDTL does not scans everything, it just scans the link once and done

avira and malwarebytes scan every single traffic so they always use CPU
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