Bitwarden releases phased beta for native mobile apps


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Apr 24, 2016
Recently, founder and CTO Kyle Spearin explained the evolution of Bitwarden mobile development and the move to native mobile applications. This allows Bitwarden to offer users more cutting edge features, enhanced app performance, and deeper integration with native hardware capabilities such as biometrics and multi-device support. To hear more about the Bitwarden mobile app journey, head over to this Reddit post.

Today, Bitwarden announces the beta rollout of its native applications for iOS and Android, with each subsequent phase introducing new functionalities and optimizations. By general availability, users of the Bitwarden Password Manager mobile application will experience benefits including:
  • Improved performance via snappier UI, faster screen transitions and button responses
  • A smoother, more responsive interface tailored to mobile platforms
  • A more intuitive experience that aligns to the operating system so users interact with the apps using behaviors with which they are already familiar
  • A general boost to security and privacy, since native apps access integrated security features that are platform-specific


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Apr 21, 2016
This is exciting news for Bitwarden users. The move to native mobile applications promises to enhance the overall user experience with improved performance, a more responsive interface, and increased security. Can't wait to see the new functionalities and optimizations in the upcoming phases.
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Jun 6, 2024
Bitwarden has struggled in recent years with lots of bugs. In particular, it seems incapable of integrating the Bitwarden desktop and browser extension with Windows Hello or other biometric identification\authentication in a way that is not highly problematic with lots of breakages. Other projects\apps have accomplished this integration and is stable.

Bitwarden successful integration and functionality with biometrics is a hard nut to crack by Bitwarden for all OSes. Most biometrics failures\issues reported on the Bitwarden GitHab Issues page are routinely closed without any fix.

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