Bizarro Banking Trojan Sports Sophisticated Backdoor


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Malware Hunter
Jul 27, 2015
A never-before-documented Brazilian banking trojan, dubbed Bizarro, is targeting customers of 70 banks scattered throughout Europe and South America, researchers said. According to an analysis from Kaspersky released Monday, Bizarro is a mobile malware, aimed at capturing online-banking credentials and hijacking Bitcoin wallets from Android users. It spreads via Microsoft Installer packages, which are either downloaded directly by victims from links in spam emails or installed via a trojanized app, according to the analysis.

Once installed, it kills all running browser processes to terminate any existing sessions with online banking websites — so, when a user initiates a mobile banking session, they have to sign back in, allowing the malware to harvest the details. To maximize its success, Bizarro disables autocomplete in the browser, and even surfaces fake popups to snatch two-factor authentication codes, researchers added. Bizarro also has a screen-capturing module. “It loads the magnification.dll library and gets the address of the deprecated MagSetImageScalingCallback API function,” explained Kaspersky researchers. “With its help, the trojan can capture the screen of a user and also constantly monitor the system clipboard, looking for a Bitcoin wallet address. If it finds one, it is replaced with a wallet belonging to the malware developers.” And finally, Bizarro also has a main backdoor module that is capable of carrying out more than 100 commands, according to the analysis.