Level 31
A new spam campaign is underway that pretends to be from a group called the "WannaCry-Hack-Team" that states the infamous WannaCry Ransomware has returned, the recipients computer is infected, and they need to send some bitcoins or their files will be deleted. This is nothing more than WannaSpam, there is nothing wrong with your computer, and the email should simply be tossed into the trash where it belongs.
These emails started appearing yesterday, June 21st 2018, where I saw it for the first time on Reddit when a poster was concerned it was real. These emails are coming in using different variations of the same subject such as "!!!Attantion WannaCry!!!", !!!WannaCry-Team Attantion!!!", "Attantion WannaCry", "WannaCry Attantion!", or "WannaCry-Team Attantion!!!". Yes, the "Attantion" word is spelled that way in the emails.

These emails state that WannaCry has returned, the recipients devices were infected with malware, and that the recipients data will be deleted June 22, 2018 between 5:00 - 10:00 PM unless they send .1 bitcoins to a listed bitcoin address. After a payment has been made they are told to email