Adguard AdBlocker extension vs Ublock Origin

  • Adguard AdBlocker extension

    Votes: 6 21.4%
  • Ublock Origin

    Votes: 22 78.6%
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Adguard extension vs Ublock Origin
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Well I think in terms of effectiveness of advertisement blocking then they really close to each other.

But browsing speed increase? It depends cause a small differential times of seconds should not be a big deal.


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I've used both respectively, and like them nearly equally. Why, then, have I installed uBlock Origin on every one of our systems?o_O I've based my choice on MT staff, members, ...and what @frogboy says!:p

PS Malakke, I would not hesitate using Adguard again as it is an excellent Adblocker; and sincerely hope you'll try them both and make an educated decision based on which happens to work best for you!:):) (Isn't it terrific when you cannot make a wrong choice??:D)
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I'd have to say uBlock Origin is on top of every aspect as an extension. At first I thought we were comparing uBlock Origin and Adblock (the program). Had a huge thing written out and everything. Disappointing. I would have chosen uBlock Origin either way but the program in my eyes has a foothold and is dug in deep while I don't believe the Adguard extension is all that great except for it's look. And me personally, I could careless about look so it doesn't win any points for it. Unless you use the Adguard program, I don't see it having any advantages over uBlock Origin.


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You worry about ads and yet use a browser from the biggest ad company on the internet.
An enigma for sure.:eek:
For me personally i found that the easiest way to block ads in chrome was to uninstall chrome and my laptop thanked me for it.:D
Unfortunately, it's a question of convenience (syncronization, passwords, smartphone....). Otherwise, i'm talking about blocking ads, not privacy.


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Finally, i've installed Ublock Origin. Adguard has a better look (more polished, better manual ads blocking selection), but sometimes embedded links doesn't work and it's a bit heavier in resources usage. Thanks everybody


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I use neither, I don't see what the fuss is about when picking an AdBlocker extension (Trusted developer(s), supported and updated, user-custom whitelists).


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I think both are good and I use them both on different set-ups. uBlock origin is the latest 'must-have' for some but it has its issues like any other extension. I find Avatar more willing to listen to constructive comments of his version than Gorhill but just my tuppence worth. On balance I tend to favour uBlock 'cause I have half an idea what I'm doing and it compliments uMatix well but for anyone looking for an effective easy to manage blocker I recommend Adgaurd.

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