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Bootkit Threat Evolution in 2011 topic here ..

Must have brillant read for you:

Bootkit Threat Evolution in 2011: by David Harley, on ESET Threat Blog:

'The year 2011 could be referred to as a year of growth in complex threats. Over the course of this year we witnessed an increase in the number of threats targeting the Microsoft Windows 64-bit platform, and bootkits in particular.'
After 'a self-explanatory diagram depicting the evolution of bootkit threats over time', 'go into more detail on specific malware types':

TDL4 bootkit
Olmasco bootkit
ZeroAccess rootkit
Rovnix bootkit

Then is described the Rootkit Hidden Storage:

TDL4 hidden storage
Win32/Olmasco hidden storage
ZeroAccess hidden storage

Thank you, David Harley!