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Botched Windows Updates Break Down Dot Matrix Printers

Users report issues on all supported versions of Windows

Some of the updates released by Microsoft this Patch Tuesday break down dox matrix printers on a number of computers, with the problem reported on all supported versions of Windows.

Even though dot matrix printers are believed to be a thing of the past, those still using models from Epson have started experiencing issues after installing this month’s Patch Tuesday updates on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, The Reg writes.

Posts on various online forums confirm there’s indeed a problem with the November 2017 updates, with Epson’s dot matrix printers no longer capable of printing documents if the latest patches are deployed.

“Today, my dot matrix printer Epson LX-310 can't print any work document. Switching to other non dot-matrix printer will print without any problem. Tried with POS printer and inkjet printer. I tried with my other work computer which got updated too, and this problem persists,” one user explains on TenForums.

“First I think my LX-310 is faulty, but after testing with my Epson LX-300, same problem happened. When I tried with a laptop runs Windows 10 that didn't upgraded yet, it prints without any problem. The document will sit in queue, and then disappear, indicating that it has finished printing. But printer doesn't move. Connection using USB. My PC didn't have print port.”

Microsoft aware of the problem
Microsoft has already acknowledged the issues, and they appear to be caused by three different updates, namely KB4048954 update on Windows 10, KB4048958 on Windows 8.1 and KB2952664 on Windows 7.

Removing these updates should restore full functionality of the printers and hiding the updates in Windows Update should prevent the same patches from being re-offered.

In a support document, Microsoft says the bug is impacting some Epson SIDM and Dot Matrix printers which can no longer print after installing the latest updates.

The company says it’s already working with Epson on a workaround as they determined the cause of the bug, adding that it’s not related to printer drivers and reinstalling them won’t make any difference.
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