Brave Browser 0.69.132


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Jun 14, 2011
Release Notes
  • Added Uphold two-way wallets. (#4774)
  • Added Crypto Wallet. (#4494)
  • Added Dapp detection. (#718)
  • Added inline tipping support for GitHub. (#5040)
  • Added "Simple View" for Brave Shields. (#1196)
  • Added ability to use either "Simple View" or "Advanced View" as default for Brave Shields in brave://settings. (#4784)
  • Added Chromecast support. (#209)
  • Added "Install Google Translate to translate this page?" popup when viewing websites in other languages. (#5561)
  • Added user feedback options under brave://rewards for viewed ads. (#4047)
  • Added profile manager items to hamburger menu. (#5212)
  • Added ability to import bookmarks and settings from other browsers during onboarding. (#1530)
  • Added keyboard accessibility to the New Tab Page settings menu. (#5041)
  • Added options to show or hide New Tab Page widgets. (#4510)
  • Added "Don't ask again" option to hide Widevine install popup. (#5341)
  • Added verified publisher icon in the tip banner. (#5517)
  • Added setting to "Always show bookmarks bar on New Tab Page" in brave://settings. (#4782)
  • Added link to "Get more extensions" in brave://settings. (#5540)
  • Added dark theme support for brave://settings on Linux. (#5098)
  • Added ability to edit profile in brave://settings. (#5211)
  • Updated bookmark bar to be visible on New Tab Page by default. (#5781)
  • Hide profile icon in navigation bar until user creates a second profile. (#5091)
  • Improved WebTorrent by adding percentages and file size labeling. (#3285)
  • Removed "Sign in to Brave" dialog when saving passwords. (#5849)
  • Disabled "Install Google Translate to translate this page?" popup when using Tor. (#5657)
  • Fixed Twitch tipping using the rewards panel. (#5549)
  • Fixed speaker button in tabs not being able to mute or play audio. (#2025)
  • Fixed Brave ads confirmations not being added into the retry queue in certain cases. (#5599)
  • Fixed re-clicking an ad notification should refocus to an already open landing page tab and not create a new tab. (#5195)
  • Fixed Brave Shields preventing identity verification with webcam when trying to KYC with Uphold. (#4139)
  • Fixed large white spaces being left behind when Brave Shields blocks ads on certain websites. (#4338)
  • Fixed cosmetic filter not blocking "display" properties using the "style" attribute. (#3041)
  • Fixed Brave Shields menu not visible after allowing all scripts. (#5483)
  • Fixed navigation issues in Brave Shields panel when viewing blocked script details. (#5338)
  • Fixed "data:application" items blocked by Brave Shields can't be allowed to run. (#5346)
  • Fixed YubiKeys with latest firmware not working within Brave. (#5697)
  • Fixed WebTorrent HTTP server XSS issue. (#5821)
  • Fixed "Add to Chrome" being displayed instead of "Add to Brave" in Chrome Web Store. (#790)
  • Fixed scaling issues with cover image on tipping banner when resizing window. (#2015)
  • Fixed "Show All" button under the download status bar not visible while using dark theme or when using Tor. (#5350)
  • Fixed download status bar using light theme when dark theme is being used. (#3793)
  • Fixed certain elements on older operating systems using light theme when dark theme is being used. (#4637)
  • Fixed URL bar theme not being updated until mouse over. (#5462)
Source: brave/brave-browser

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