Brave Talk brings Video Conferencing to Brave Browser


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Aug 17, 2014
Remember Brave Together, the video calling feature that Brave added to the Nightly version of its web browser in May 2020? Brave Together has been renamed to Brave Talk and is now available to all Brave users.

brave talk
Brave promises that Brave Talk is a privacy-preserving video conferencing solution.

Brave Talk users can enable multiple layers of encryption on calls, so an eavesdropper cannot listen in on users’ calls, and our servers don’t save metadata, so calls, images, and activities are never recorded or shared without user consent.

The underlying technology that powers Brave Talk has not changed; it is powered by Jitsi, an open source solution that is provided by 8x8.

Brave Talk is integrated in the browser, it does not require a browser extension or external application or installed software. Calls need to be initiated from the Brave browser, but connections to a call can come from other browsers, provided that these support the required technologies.

Brave Talk is available as a free and premium version. Free users get unlimited call times but are limited to one on one calls. The video conferencing solution does support YouTube livestreaming and groupwatch functionality for free users.

What Brave does not mention in the announcement is that free users need to enable Brave Rewards in Brave Browser to make free calls using Talk. Brave Talk does not work without it.

Brave Talk Premium is available for $7 per month. Besides lifting the two-person limit, premium supports call recordings and hosting tools such as entry passcodes or muting of participants. Some of the premium options were available during tests of the free version. Premium is the only option on Android and iOS currently, but Brave plans to launch the free option "in the coming weeks" on these platforms. Desktop users can choose between the free and premium version.

To get started, Brave users may point their web browser to Brave Talk. The company notes in the announcement that users may also activate the camera icon from Brave's new tab page, but the option was not available during tests. It is possible that it is on a controlled roll out and will land on all devices over time.

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