Brazilian e-commerce firm Hariexpress leaks 1.75 billion sensitive files


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Feb 4, 2016
The marketplace integrator serves some of the country's largest online retailers

Around 1.75 billion sensitive files were leaked by a Brazilian e-commerce integrator that provides services to some of the country's largest online shopping websites.

Hariexpress is headquartered in São Paulo and integrates multiple processes into a single platform to improve the efficiency and operational capability of retailers with more than one e-commerce store. Some of the company's clients include Magazine Luiza, Mercado Livre, Amazon and B2W Digital. The national postal service, Correios, is also among the company's partners and was also impacted by the incident.

Banking information relating to customers was not compromised, according to the experts; on the other hand, the leak exposed a vast set of sensitive information including customers' full names, e-mail addresses, business and residential addresses, company registration and social security numbers.

In addition, all manner of details relating to purchases including dates, times and prices of products sold, as well as copies of invoices and login credentials to the Hariexpress service were also exposed, according to Safety Detectives.