Is Opera the fastest browser available?

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Lifehacker has published a browser speed test.
Which is the fastest browser? According to Lifehacker it's not Chrome or Firefox but Opera.

Here are the summary of the final results :

Cold Boot-Up—Winner: Opera!
Tab Loading—Winner: Opera!
JavaScript—Winner: Chrome!
DOM/CSS—Winner: Opera!
Memory Use (No Extensions)—Winners: Opera and Firefox!
Memory Use (Five Extensions)—Winners: Opera and Firefox!

Conclusion :

Lifehacker said:
Overall Scores

Obviously, there's a lot more to browser choice than speed—variety of extensions, customizability, and so on—but when it comes to performance, here's how our favorite browsers. We gave each contender a point value for its placing in each of the above tests, then tallied up the totals and divided them by the total number of points each could have received.

Opera 11.51: 82%
Firefox 7: 73%
Internet Explorer 9: 47.5%
Chrome 14: 43%
Opera's still the speed champion, as usual. The other browsers have surprisingly switched places, though: Firefox, so often looked down upon for its sluggish speeds, has jumped up to #2 with version 7, and Chrome has slowly worked it's way down to last place. Granted, Chrome's inability to complete the CSS test probably pushed it over the edge from 3rd place into 4th. Still, w have seen Chrome slowly gain bloat with each new version, and boy did it feel slow when we ran these tests. Hopefully they can take a hint from Firefox and make a comeback soon.
You can read here the full report with charts and other details.


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Surprise to Opera even the marketing shares isn't high at all but when it comes from the test, Opera was dominated.

Good to see for Firefox that memory optimize consumption has worked well.

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i was an opera user for long time but the slowness and lack of addons made me change to firefox.


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Same with umbrapolaris, the only thing they have before was widgets but its better than never as they implement the addons to Opera.

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And yet in terms of security Chrome is still miles ahead.

I wish they'd release their benchmarks. Tom's Hardware did one of these comparisons not long before this one and Chrome was the "clear winner." And, of course, these never take things into account like Web Page Prerendering etc.

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i dont know for others systems, but in mine, actually Comodo dragon (chromium build) is faster than Firefox or other browsers i tried.