Infection date and initial symptoms
April6 :browers stopped working after malwarebytes scan
April 11: everything back to working fine.
April 20 : again browers stopped working
Current issues and symptoms
May 6 :browers all working but videos on youtube have gained more speed (checked the same video on differnt laptop on same wireless connection)
Steps taken in order to remove the infection


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I posted a thread " browser loading problem "in this forum 1 month ago and it was rectified.. But all of sudden the connection just stopped while it was playing a video on youtube. Due to other more important works i did nothing to recover it . But tried on differnt dates, the status was still the same. Finally today when i checked the browsers it was working fine (after 17 days) .
But the videos are on a speed faster than normal. (Checked the same video on different laptop on the same wireless connection)

Currently this thread is keyed through the same suspect machine.....

Does the infection still persist or is it some other problem.What is that i should do? Can anyone help?