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A flaw impacting millions of mobile and internet of things (IoT) devices running NVIDIA’s Tegra processor opens the door for a variety of attacks, including device hijacking or siphoning of data.

The warning comes from researcher Triszka Balázs, who discovered the flaw and asserts that the bug “affects every single Tegra device released so far.” He also created a proof-of-concept (PoC), called Selfblow, to exploit the vulnerability. On Thursday, NVIDIA released a patch for the bug (CVE‑2019‑5680) via a security bulletin.
Balázs first identified the bug in March. He said NVIDIA said it would fix the bug by May. “After four months I decided to give this to the public in good faith that will encourage them in fixing it so we can have a better, more secure devices,” he wrote on GitHub. On Thursday, NVIDIA released the patch.
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