Q&A CAF Browser - TugaBrowser (for Android), my short review

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Oct 9, 2016
Trying it out over the last few days.

CAF stands for Code Aurora Forum. A CAF browser is a Chromium fork browser optimized for Snapdragon devices. It can also be used in non-Snapdragon devices but not optimized.

They come in open and close source and have similar features. Some have made their way into Google Play Store whilst others can be obtain from XDA Lab. If its not in Google Play Store then unlikely it can sync to Google account.


1) Very fast browser, even with my VPN on, so it's suitable for slow and older devices
2) XSS Defender
3) Web Refiner - block ads/trackers/malware domains
4) Incognito mode
5) Many search engines to choose from
6) Safe Browsing mode
7) Block screen observer - allow/block other applications from taking browser screenshots
8) Web Defender - uses machine intelligence to prevent 3rd-party trackers and advertisers from collecting peronal identifiable information and the websites you visit. It detects fingerprinting.
9) Secure Content - auto load HTTPS pages when surfing. Upgrades web pages and connections from HTTP to HTTPS
10) Simple GUI and easy to use
11) Comes with a Privacy Meter
12) Of all the CAF browsers, so far, TugaBrowser is the fastest in updating the Chromium version


1) Close source
2) Unable to sync to Google account for Google has stopped all 3rd-party browsers using Chrome Sync API on Android. I prefer it not to be available in Google Play Store.
3) No auto delete of browsing data upon exiting the browser
4) Unable to add extensions

XDA Labs | TugaBrowser


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