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Publisher Activision might be sticking to whatever reveal schedule it has for the new video game in the Call of Duty franchise, but leaks seem to add more confirmation that the name of the coming experience will be Infinite Warfare and that it will introduce a remastered version of the classic Modern Warfare.

A new image of the poster that was sent to stores ahead of the official announcement has popped up on Reddit and shows that players will be able to play through the core campaign of the older video game and will have access to 10 of its 16 core multiplayer maps.

It's unclear how the developers at Infinity Ward and publisher Activision have chosen which of the battle spaces to bring to gamers who own modern gaming devices and which ones to leave out.

A remake for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been requested by the player community since 2014, and the official Twitter account of the franchise has confirmed the existence of the remaster by using a poop emoji recently.

Infinite Warfare will be launched on the PlayStation 4 from Sony, the Xbox One from Microsoft and the PC and will be launched on November 4 of this year.
Rumors are saying that the title will take place in the far future and will allow gamers to take part in exciting space-based battles, with a space station serving as the core hub between missions.

Infinity Ward has promised some major changes to the core mechanics of the shooter, and the best experience fans have ever had with the series.

Activision might officially reveal its new Call of Duty on May 3
Sources are saying that the plan is to deliver an official name and a limited number of details next Tuesday and that it will then show the multiplayer experience and the new mechanics during the coming E3 2016 event, allowing players to actually play it in limited numbers.

Until the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launches Activision is working with Treyarch to introduce more content for the currently available Black Ops 3.

In early May gamers who play on the Xbox One and the PC will get four new maps and a new episode associated with the coop undead campaign via Eclipse, which is already offered on the PlayStation 4 from Sony.

There are another two major downloadable content packs that are supposed to arrive before the end of summer, both of them covered by the Season Pass.