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Does the Free Security Combo Comodo IS +SpyShelter can be considered the Best free Security Combo that exists Today?


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I wouldnt go as far as stating best combo.

Depending on the user, some will say CIS on its own is the GO TO
Others will toss in anti execs
others will prefer WD + WF + Smartscreen

Spyshelter does include a HIPS module however (free version is limited). To get the most out of SpyShelter, go for Premium or Firewall.
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I would you say if you are running CIS then you know how it works so IMO no need extras, configure CIS & its excellent.

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In a word = no all AVs have their good points and bad points no 'combo' should be stated the best.



It is not recommended to combine CIS and SpS since the HIPS modules might conflict.

A better combo would be CIS and KeyScrambler free; KS does not affect CIS HIPS module.

If you wish to use KS in CIS Virtual Desktop, then you must exit KS in standard Desktop and then launch it in Virtual Desktop. Easiest way to accomplish this is to use KS desktop shortcut icon.