Q&A Can I upgrade my family members old windows 8.1 pc?


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Oct 11, 2019
Can I still upgrade my family members old HP touch desk top to windows 10 free legitimately with out having to pay the upgrade fee? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Mar 29, 2018
You shouldn't have any problem if your laptop has licensed W8.1. M$ wants people on W10, as evidenced by their plans to end W8.1 support in the future.
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Dec 4, 2014
Yes you can still upgrade for free, as others have mentioned. The easiest way to do this is with Microsoft's Media Creation Tool. You can upgrade to Windows 10 and keep all your apps and files and Windows 10 will be automatically activated. Alternatively, you can do a clean install and activate it with your Windows 8.1 product key. If your PC has an embedded product key, then the Windows 10 installer should read this and you won't need to enter a key manually.