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I was wondering if I can use Zemana Antimalware as pure on demand scanner?
I don't want it to load itself at startup.
I have Malwarebytes setup in such a way that it only loads one service it but nothing else.
I would like to have Zemana do the same, I don't want it to eat up any resources if it's not in use.


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Hello @Tempnexus are you using the free version or the premium, if you simply want an on-demand scanner than use the free version, (assuming you use Windows) right-click the taskbar and click task manager, then go to startup and find Zemana, then click disable :)

Hope this helps, have a good day! :)

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Of course you can use Zemana AM as pure on demand without any limits, just tweak any settings related upon startup.

Resources cannot be prevented, your specifications should meet that already from usual operation; hence no need to worry about.