Troubleshoot Can malware hide itself completely?

Operating System
Android 7
Device model
Lenovo k6 note
Current issues and symptoms
Battery draining and phone heating up at very random times
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
Used Malwarebytes
And checked manually for any removable app disguised as a system app


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Sep 22, 2021
Basically opened a link
No accs hacked
No apps appearing out of nowhere
No strange processes/services running in the background
I checked with Malwarebytes (with it's "installed in **/**/****" and "last updated in...." I made sure user/system apps are all real and not some malicious copies of them)

The only suspicious activity were my phone's battery and temperature
But unlike what a malware would do
The battery draining+overheating are random like
Sometimes my battery would last 6 hrs
Sometimes 5
Sometimes 4
Sometimes it won't even last 1hr,30 mins
Same for overheating it would be a random 10 mins of overheating out of nowhere and it would stop and that is it for the rest of the day the phone would be just fine
The 10 mins heating would happen everytime I restart/turn on my phone
Or when I have it sitting idle for so long and then use it again (and during the 10 mins I would lose instant 10-17%of the battery)

How do I make sure this isn't caused by malware and if it is really malware responsible for all of this
How do I remove it as it has somehow 100% hid itself (not disguised as a legitimate app but actually hidden from eyesight)

ronin koe

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Jun 13, 2021
I am not Tech professional. But from my experience of android devices, battery hardware problem heat up the device.