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Sep 6, 2018
Windows 10
Hi there!
So I had the annoying adware that kept randomly initiating pop-ups on my browser when I clicked links, but had access to all sites - no problem.
So I downloaded and ran MalwareBytes, and ran it, and it seems like the adware is gone - BUT -
Now I have no access to torrent sites.
I'm pretty sure it's a block because of MalwareBytes.... (Because it blocked those sites and warned about them when it was installed - and no exeptions I made helped)
I uninstalled it but still - no access.
Can you help me reset whatever block MalwareBytes created?
Operating System
Windows 10
Are you using a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system?
64-bit (x64)
Infection date and initial symptoms
About a week ago (infected with the adware)
Current issues and symptoms
no access to torrent sites
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
installed and ran MalwareBytes (probably the issue now)
Logs added to Help Request
I did not upload the FRST logs (I understand that this will increase the time need it to clean-up the PC)