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Carbonite to Acquire Webroot | Webroot Community

I have exciting news to share with our Community. Webroot has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Carbonite, a leader in cloud-based data protection for businesses. We expect the deal to close within the first calendar quarter of 2019.

I believe this is great news for you as a Webroot customer and advocate.

When surveyed, SMBs and MSPs consistently name endpoint security and backup/data recovery services among their top priorities. We see great potential in bringing a coordinated solution set to market that becomes your go-to security platform. Whether you buy from Webroot or a trusted channel partner.

Likewise for consumers, the combined Webroot and Carbonite will better protect you, your family and your most sensitive data.

Carbonite shares a similar vision, solution philosophy, commitment to the customer and company culture. Both companies focus on easy-to-use and deploy, cloud-based solutions that address the complicated cybersecurity issues facing individuals and business every day. Additionally, both companies pride themselves on excellent customer care and support.

Our commitment to you and a high level of customer service during this transition will not change. In fact, you’ll continue to hear from and interact with the normal Webroot Community team alongside product and product marketing managers that listen and respond here on a regular basis.

While we must operate as independent companies until the transaction closes, after that stage we look forward to sharing many more detailed updates with you.

If you have any questions during this transition process, please comment on this post or reach out to your Community team.

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The price of acquisition seems too low in my opinion and makes me think Webroot where having some issues or needed that transaction to happened.

After reading Webroot and Carbonite statements, it feels like their focus is mostly on endpoints, and i wouldn't be surprised if they stopped making home products.

Anyway i love Webroot and i hope this will help improve the product.


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I read a headline that a CO based cybersecurity company was just acquired and I instantly thought WEBROOT! I guess they deserve some congratulations? It's like the biggest compliment you can get, to be acquired by someone.


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Carbonite, Inc. (NASDAQ: CARB), a leading cloud-based data protection provider, today closed its previously announced acquisition of Webroot Inc. The combination of cloud-based backup and recovery with cloud-based cybersecurity introduces a new approach to data protection for the endpoint.
The total purchase price for Webroot was $618.5 million in cash, as adjusted with respect to cash, debt, transaction expenses and working capital. The purchase price was funded with existing cash on hand and funds secured under a new $550 million term loan. The interest rate on the term loan is a floating rate based upon LIBOR plus 3.75%.
The Webroot business unit will be led by John Post, formerly Webroot’s CFO, as SVP and GM, and will report directly to Mohamad Ali, President and CEO of Carbonite. Together, Webroot and Carbonite share a common go-to-market approach of delivering customer success through partner channels.
“The combination of these two companies creates a unique and powerful data protection and cybersecurity solution for our customers and partners,” said Mohamad Ali, Carbonite CEO. “We are thrilled to officially welcome Webroot to the Carbonite family and look forward to delivering positive results together.”
“Webroot and Carbonite share a common vision to empower small and mid-sized businesses with next generation solutions purpose-built for their unique needs,” said John Post, SVP and GM of Webroot, a Carbonite company. “I’m confident we will build on the momentum of Carbonite and Webroot’s cloud-based approach to protecting endpoint data as we aim to deliver strong results for customers and partners.”

Source: Carbonite Closes Acquisition of Webroot


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See where there is the big stock drop in early Feb that Carbonite has never recovered from.... yep, that's the purchase date for Webroot.

Like many subscribers who get infected with Webroot.... Carbonite regrets the purchase.

Carbonite wishes they could 'roll-back' that decision...
Not necessary. Their stock hit a peak a few months back and now they need to stabilise to a price. Acquiring stuff usually helps investors being happy which in result keeps you relevant.
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Not necessary. Their stock hit a peak a few months back and now they need to stabilise to a price. Acquiring stuff usually helps investors being happy which in result keeps you relevant.

Here is the headline from that time:


Blackberry increased immediately after acquiring Cylance. Other acquisitions in the industry have produced an immediate stock increase based on the new synergy. Not this one.


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Maybe the Canadian buyer OpenText will either kill or finally fix Webroot.

In this recent review, Webroot got a D.


In our own Malware Hub, Webroot gets an F.

"F" for utter and complete "Failure."