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On the last day of September, AMD has announced the availability of its latest Catalyst graphics driver, namely version 14.9, which adds support for the producer’s Radeon R9 285 cards and significantly improves performance compared to previous releases.

This new update installs Catalyst Display Driver and Catalyst Control Center version 14.301.1001, and it's compatible with the 32- and 64-bit variants of Microsoft’s Windows 7 and 8.1 operating systems. Also, Catalyst 14.9 can be applied on both desktop and notebook configurations.

When it comes to fixes, the present release resolves the geometry corruption in State of Decay, the Grid Autosport instability on certain Eyefinity configurations, as well as the 4K panel flickering spotted on AMD Radeon R9 290 and HD 7800 card series.

In addition to that, the Eyefinity portrait display now works properly on AMD CrossFire systems and the 60Hz SST flickering observed on AOC U2868PQU panels will not be encountered anymore as a workaround has been implemented within the present update.

As for the improvements, important enhancements have been accomplished for the BioShock Infinite, Company of Heroes 2, Crysis 3, Murdered Soul Suspect, Plants vs. Zombies, Batman Arkham Origins, Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs, and Starcraft II games on Radeon R9 290 and 290X video cards.

Moreover, CrossFire configurations also receive an increased performance when playing Grid Autosport, Murdered Soul Suspect, Plants vs. Zombies, Batman Arkham Origins, Wildstar, Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed IV, and Lichdom titles.

Last but not least, AMD’s 14.9 Catalyst also improves performance for 3DMark11, 3DMark Fire Strike, and 3DMark Sky Diver, and enhances the producer’s Eyefinity, Mantle, AM1 JPEG decoding acceleration, and Display Alignment features.

With this in mind, if you consider updating to this version, download AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver 14.9, check out the full release notes, apply the package on your computer, and enjoy the new changes that this release brings about.

AMD Catalyst™ 14.9 Windows® Release Notes
x86 7-Windows 8.1-32bit-dd-ccc-whql.exe
x64 7-Windows 8.1-64bit-dd-ccc-whql.exe


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If you have comodo take care.
I don't say why but i had BSOD with this update :(
But i had doing clean install and it's good now :)