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CCleaner for Mac v.1.09.311(CCleaner by Piriform)-for Mac OS X 10.5 or later

download page:

"CCleaner is a straightforward Mac OS X application that enables you to clean your Mac’s hard disk by deleting unnecessary files.

Quickly clean and optimize your Mac from within an intuitive interface

CCleaner comes with a user-oriented interface that helps you view basic information about your Mac, such as the running OS X, computer model, processor and RAM info. The side panel offers you access to the built-in Cleaner, Tools and Options tab.

Thanks to the Cleaner tool, you can delete Safari’s Internet history and cache along with your download history and all stored cookies. In addition, you can empty the System Trash, Logs and other temporary files. On top of that, you can clear the Internet cache, history, cookies, download history, site preferences and more from other installed Internet browsers.

Analyze, examine and clean your Mac with just a couple of mouse clicks

The great thing about CCleaner’s is that you can first analyze your Mac’s hard disk and view how much disk space you can recover by running the cleaning utility. You can also preview the items that need to be removed before initiating the cleaning process.

By accessing the Tools tab, you can safely uninstall various applications from your Mac or from the Startup list. In addition, you can repair permissions and erase free space to prevent unoauthorized data recovery.

Keep the files you need and remove the items you will never use

What is more, CCleaner can be easily configured to fit your needs via the Options tab. Hence, you can enable the secure deletion option and decide what level of data overwrite you want CCleaner to perform by default.

CCleaner is a user-friendly and very simple to use OS X application that will automatically find all files you no longer need on your Mac.

After finding all garbage files on your system, CCleaner will also allow you to easily get rid of them with a simple click of a button.

Besides cleaning your Mac, CCleaner will also help you protect your online privacy, reclaim your disk space and will make your computer run faster and be more secure.

Here are some key features of "CCleaner":

1.Cleans your Mac's disk
2.Helps you uninstall apps
3.Repairs permissions
4.Erases free space
5.Erases web cookies

You can also create a whitelist for web cookies you want to keep and select the files and folders you which CCleaner to remove every time you initiate the cleaning process. At the same time, you can decide which files and folder you wish CCleaner to exclude from cleaning. You can also decide which languages you want to keep which languages you want to be removed from your Mac."

Source: ---Written by George Popescu

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